Never lift frames from the top as this may cause the frame to bow and the glass may ‘pop’ out of the rebate. Instead, grip the frame firmly on both sides or use the hanging cord to carry.

Framed pictures should not be stored upside down or on their side, as this may cause the hinges to give way and the artwork to slip.
When stacked, pictures should be back-to-back and face-to-face to avoid damage from hanging fittings

Wood and paper products expand as they absorb moisture and contract as they dry, so humidity and extreme changes of temperature can cause rippling, known as cockling, or mould to grow. Therefore, wherever possible, pictures should be hung away from heat sources such as radiators and direct sunlight.

To avoid damaging the finish, care should be taken when cleaning a frame. This is crucial when cleaning gilded frames, which should be lightly dusted with a lint free cloth. When cleaning the glass, no water or cleaning fluid should be allowed to migrate behind the glazing.