From barely there outlines in clear acrylic to extravagant ornately carved designs, there are endless shapes and styles from which to select your perfect frame. With many years experience in the art of picture framing we are happy to advise on framing styles.
frame styles available at eat art Falmouth
frame styles available at eat art Falmouth
At eat art we not only have access to all of the leading picture framing manufacturers, we also work closely with local craftsmen and have in-house facilities to produce our own customised profiles.

In very simple terms frames can be divided into 3 basic shapes: a ’spoon’ or ’hollow’ shape is categorised by a slope that leads the eye down into the picture; a ’reverse’ style is the opposite of this and slopes away from the artwork and then there are flat styles which extend out on a level from the picture. Within these three are countless variations.

The variety of pre-finished mouldings is enormous and the techniques for producing these finishes has become very sophisticated. The substrate is generally wood onto which a finish is applied, be it a wooden veneer, a metal film that mimics gold leaf or a brightly coloured lacquer. If you require consistency within a collection of frames, pre-finished profiles are a good option.


The beauty of wood is timeless and its natural features mean that no two frames are ever identical. It can be left raw and unfinished or waxed and polished to enhance the colour and pattern of the grain and these characteristics continue to develop over time.

Endlessly versatile, wood works equally well in contemporary or traditional settings and different species of wood lend themselves to different framing solutions. For example, obeche is a pale and featureless wood that has a neutral simplicity whilst pine has a distinctive grain and can be knotty.

Contemporary and stylish, acrylic makes a statement with its sheer simplicity. It can be used to create the most simple of display cases or joined in strips to create an outline which catches and reflects light, almost seeming to glow.

If a clean minimal look is what you seek, aluminium framing is one of the best ways to achieve it.  The inherent strength of aluminium and the strong fixing systems that hold these frames together allows for large pieces such as posters to fit safely into very slender profiles.
Originally devised for work on paper, metal frames are now available in a variety of shapes and can make a striking framing solution for modern oils and the finishes now extend beyond the metallic to include black plus all the colours of the rainbow.